The relationship between money and women can be a complex one.  Women often put themselves further and further down the list, especially when you have loved ones depending on you.  You make sacrifices, willingly and not so willingly for the sake of others, be it for the greater good of your family, colleagues or others in your lives.

Amongst those sacrifices are financial sacrifices, namely, taking time out of the workplace for family commitments, which can mean years of running a household on a reduced income.  Or opting to working part-time to fit in around family life, thereby working on a smaller budget and this can include taking on lesser paid work than in a previous position.  Thereby entering into the cycle of under earning, under charging, over delivering, thinking what you are making per hour is what you are actually worth in terms of the service you provide.  It is also not uncommon to find women offering discounts on their work or not following up on invoices for outstanding payments.  In 2019, the Independent newspaper reported that UK government figures showed that almost eight in 10 companies still paid men more than women with more than a quarter paying female employees up to 20 per cent less.  Read more here

But by continuing this cycle of under earning and under charging it simply means you are surviving, perpetually feeling financially stretched and that there will never be enough financially.  All this comes from not standing in your power and not claiming your worth.  It is all too easy to forget that you have the ability and strength to ask for more from this life.  You do not need to settle here, just because you think you ought to, thinking your circumstances won’t change for you to make more money.

However, you do have the ability to change this.  You can change the story you tell yourself about how you make, keep and spend your money.  Once you start off on the track of changing your self-belief and seeing yourself as capable rather than compromising and making yourself smaller, things do begin to change.   After all, Rome was not built in a day.

I can help you get on track and help you understand your past behaviour when it comes to your spending and saving.  No more looking at your bank balance through your fingers!  And once you get a much deeper understanding of your behaviour around money, you will be thriving rather than just surviving.

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