Money Archetypes & Coaching

There are a few things in life some people may consider taboo to talk about….and for some, money is one of them.

And I’m here to help you step away from any shame, guilt and frustration you might have around your relationship with money.

There is no one-size fits all approach to how turn your fortunes around, despite what some of the online gurus may be telling you – a cookie cutter approach won’t quite hit the spot.

Your relationship with money is as individual as you are!

I will help you discover your Money Archetypes, your very own Money DNA.  This psychology-based coaching using archetypes, will help you understand your relationship and behaviour around money, working with your strengths and embracing your challenges. 

There are no one-size fits all approaches when it comes to money, despite what others may say.  You are unique.  I will help you to embrace your unique strengths and challenges – releasing shame, guilt and frustration along the way.

Imagine if…

  • You knew how to handle those “difficult money conversations” with family or friends when they ask you for money (and feeling guilty if you can’t always help them out)


  • You could release the frustration, shame and guilt you feel when it comes to your
    spending / saving….and everything in between when it comes to your money habits

  • You knew how to embrace and even monetise your natural strengths as well as working with your challenges when it comes to money?

  • You could release being secretive about money as a way of feeling safe and in control?


  • You could release the fear of having to work harder to make more, which has kept you stuck where you are, as well as missing out on precious family time?

And what if…

  • You could make more money without being afraid of it changing who you are?
  • You could release the stress of the endless squabbles you and your spouse / partner have about money?

Discover how you can get started on

understanding your relationship with money,

break free from undercharging,  

break through glass ceilings

release old money blocks

and beliefs that have been holding you back!

Jenny Kovacs
Visibility Specialist
AKA Queen of Being Seen

Just before the start of lockdown.  I had three sessions with Sarah, but I would say, just don’t do three, do more, definitely go for one of her other packages.  In our sessions, we uncovered my money archetypes, from doing that, it meant that I knew what those archetypes meant for me.  So it wasn’t just pretty, fancy names, it was actually knowing what it meant to me and for me.  She will encourage you to speak about the topic of money and archetypes, which isn’t the easiest of subjects for everyone to speak about, especially if you are finding you are hitting up against a brick wall with it.

So definitely work with her.  She makes speaking about money and money things really easy.  When we first started doing this, it was just before the pandemic, just before lockdown and literally, we finished the final session just as we were going into that.  Through this lockdown, no matter what has gone on, good or bad, you know, right or wrong, it’s helped me to reflect back on my archetypes, know more of who I am and be able to use those for myself, within my life and my work and my business.

So, thank you Sarah, thank you so much.

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