Sarah McGirr
Money Breakthrough Business Coach

Published articles:

I’m Sarah McGirr

I work with female entrepreneurs who are ready to break free from undercharging.


I use my tried and tested psychology-based approach to help clients discover what makes them tick when it comes to money and how this understanding can increase their profitability, self worth and so much more.

I trained with Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, amongst others.  I am a graduate of the Tony Robbins Mastery University.  My coaching tips have been featured in Thrive Global and the Elephant Journal.

I help clients release guilt, shame, secrecy and frustration around money. 

My non-judgemental approach is based on a unique blend of my combined experience in the corporate and therapeutic fields, including my experience as a successful smoking cessation therapist.

I love igniting possibility in my clients and seeing their self-empowerment awaken.

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