As we find ourselves in yet another lockdown here in the UK, we are faced with yet more uncertainty. More unknowns popping up in a year that has already been packed full with unknowns, as if we needed any more!

A great way to navigate these seemingly never ending unchartered waters is to present yourself with the gift of courage. It doesn’t have to be a huge dose, just a little, yet turbo charged, shot.

You might be wondering where on earth you’ll find it, as quite frankly, so many of us have been worn down this year already. But I assure you, it’s there, lurking somewhere inside you. And if you give yourself a few quiet moments, you will find some, even just a little. Here’s a quick coaching tip to get you started.

When you feel afraid of taking a risk, the fear of uncertainty arises. Now, it would be glossing over things to just think, just do it anyway and see what happens. Yes, that could get the task in hand done, but a crucial element is left out by taking that approach, and that can make all the difference between backing down or moving forward and taking action.
I have found that the way ahead in a situation like this is to find a way to create a feeling of certainty, even if a task or situation can seem uncertain. Say, for example, you are asked to speak at a Zoom event and you feel a little out of your depth, as in your eyes, other attendees have experience or expertise in their field. It’s exciting to be booked for a speaking gig, but you may have a few nerves, which is entirely understandable. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have an emotive response to the engagement. And variety is the spice of life, so does it really matter if others have more experience than you, or you think they do? Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Now, you might try and talk yourself out of going ahead with the engagement, you might feel a bit out of your depth or unsure of the response your talk may receive. This could leave you feeling overwhelmed and wishing you hadn’t accepted the gig in the first place, which then leads you to feeling even more uncertain.

Here’s the key to moving through this and getting yourself out there and showing up as that confident speaker and expert on your subject.

Start by listing what you can be certain of. First and foremost, you can be certain that you will get through the engagement. Even though this sounds obvious, it is definitely worth reminding yourself of this fundamental point!

You can also be certain that attendees will be polite, after all, you don’t hear of too many online meetings or engagement where attendees are rude to speakers! And to give yourself a head start, if you are feeling nervous, practice your presentation until it feels completely natural, as natural as saying your name.

And something you can be certain of, is that you will learn a lot from the experience, as well as feeling a sense of accomplishment once you have reached the other side!

I invite you to take a few moments see what else you can add to your Certainty List. You never know, you might just surprise yourself!

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