When it comes to money blocks, we face a myriad of challenges.  Once you have taken my money archetype assessment, you will discover your own personal money DNA that is unique to you and shines a light on how you behave around money.

You may not recognise it as a money block, but if you find yourself constantly striving for perfection in so many of your ventures and personal life and feel like you are letting yourself, and those around you, down if you don’t achieve this, then this is a money block right here.

This desire for perfectionism can fuel a perpetual cycle of overworking and over-delivering when it comes to work and your business life, which in turn causes an exhausting nose-to-tail existence of keeping your fingers in many pies.  Starting up new businesses, leading projects, completing one project and jumping straight in to the next one without giving yourself time to think.

You find yourself in positions at work or business where you feel you daren’t even allow yourself to slow down as you have set such high expectations for yourself, or you are striving to reach others’ expectations of you and haven’t got time to breathe and slow down, so you pursue your targets relentlessly nonetheless.

But perfectionism doesn’t have to be a dirty word or something to guilt trip yourself about.  It doesn’t have to cause burn out, it can be intuitively channelled to effectively fire up new projects, lead without exhaustion and successfully accomplish targets – once you know how.

Let’s connect here and find out how you can step out of overwhelm, burn out and balance out the constant chase for perfectionism.

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