Reclaim Your Narrative:  From ‘Not Enough’ to Unstoppable

Say goodbye to the limiting narratives when it comes to money and your earning capability that society has fed you.  It’s time to give yourself permission to do business, your way, quirks and all.

Unlock your unique money personality and discover how you can embrace your strengths and weakness and still achieve financial freedom, your way, with authenticity.  Break through that income plateau that has left you feeling constrained.  Break free from generational cycles of lack, people pleasing, guilt. shame and secrecy and transform your relationship with money.

Transform your money mindset and embrace your individuality.  Give yourself permission to change and embrace your next level of success.  Your greatness is calling.  Are you ready?


Money Archetype Coaching

Unlock your very own Money Codes and discover how your Money Archetypes impact your relationship with money and how you do money in business and life.  Discover how you can embrace them to optimise your financial potential.  

Discover how you can embrace your strengths and challenges to get into your own natural money flow and do business your way.  No more cookie cutter solutions!  You are unique and so is how you do business.

Ancestral Clearing

Ancestral clearing is a somatic practice that recognizes the interconnectedness of physical sensations, emotions and mental well-being.  During an ancestral clearing session you will have the opportunity to release stored emotions and patterns within the body that have been holding you back.

I’m Sarah McGirr, and my passion for coaching women stems from seeing the struggles many midlife women face in their careers and personal lives when it comes to their financial success. Society has often conditioned women to settle for less.  I’m here to help women, like you, to break free from generational cycles of lack, shame, guilt, people pleasing and limited thinking and so much more.  

Having witnessed the challenges women face in the workplace, at home and in society when it comes to finances and money mindset, it was a game changer when I discovered the power of money archetypes.  Goodbye cookie cutter solutions!  Working with money archetypes is a transformative journey that inspired me to help others unlock their unique money archetypes so they can break free from societal conditioning and expectations. 

I trained with the late Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, amongst others.  I am a graduate of the Tony Robbins Mastery University.  My coaching articles have been featured in the Elephant Journal and Thrive Global. 

My work is a unique blend of my combined experience in the corporate and therapeutic worlds.  I am an Advanced Practitioner (Psychology of Identity & Behaviour) in BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, BWRT (adv), an Ancestral Clearing Practitioner and a Money Breakthrough Coach.

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